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Total Mom Inc. is taking moms from overwhelmed to supported both personally and professionally. Total Mom provides global access to business programs,  wellness experiences, coaching and mentorship to meet the needs of moms personally & professionally.  Check out our programs and experiences within a community of like-minded modern moms. 

We started as Canada’s largest holistic festival for moms called “ The Total Mom Show’ in 2017, today we connect all over the world. Our mission is to turn the focus back to mom so we can fill our cups too!

What kind of transformation journey are you on? Life, Wellness, Business? All of the above?

Did you know that our thoughts are controlled by 95% of our subconscious minds? It can often be difficult to make any new changes in our lives no matter how hard we try. Studies show that when we change the way we see things, think about things, or experience our world differently...that's when transformation happens. As busy parents, it can be hard to access the changes we want when we are stressed out or too busy running everything that we do.  That is what makes the Total Mom community so powerful..

So no matter how many courses you take, or how hard you work…real changes happen when we tap into our subconscious mindset and have accountability partners and a supportive community behind us cheering us on.

Definition: Living a life you love unique to you rich in
community & connection & consistency.
An authentic experience that works for you, created by you.


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If not now, then when?

This is a turning point for us parents period.

We want to take care of our mental health, our health and be happier before and after work. We now care more about our quality of life and how we spend our time.


The stay-at-home moms, the single moms, the working moms…it's time for a change.


Parenting is by far the hardest job in the world yet we are still juggling unrealistic expectations.



It's time for some substance ladies! Total Mom has been cooking a special surprise. The Total Mom Collective is coming.  You bet your Mac computer that we haven't spent the last two years building out another cheesy old community membership collecting dust on the internet...it's going to be hotter than the guy you saw at the grocery store after 2 years stuck at home...trust us. 

We all deserve a life we love.
Get on the waitlist to experience something transformative.


let's connect

Grab a coffee and get out your calendar!

Shout out to all the moms running their businesses and doing all the things! We have
our  calander is filled with special business & wellness events to help you  brush up on your skills as CEO of your life & Biz. 



What's New At Total Mom

"Total Mom is standing for all who consider themselves a mom to access transformation and support in all areas of their life"
- Founder & CEO Total Mom Inc.
Anna Sinclair


Anna Sinclair is a super mom,  award-winning entrepreneur, early-stage investor, and agency owner on a mission to help more moms start their own businesses.  She is the founder and CEO of Total Mom Inc. that grew a business from scratch and turned it into a massive brand that has 17M + reach across Canada & the US and a growing network of  20k+ moms, making it recognized as one of the fastest-growing online business communities of moms by Forbes. After having children, advancing professionally as an entrepreneur made the uphill journey remarkably harder and sparked a serious vision to help moms to live a life they love while building successful businesses.