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The Total Mom Show Inc.


Our show believes we all have one thing in common; we are all moms that want what is best for our kids and ourselves. Our community welcomes each mom to be free of criticism and judgment. The modern mom is not just a consumer, but also a beautiful human being with the ability to live a life they love. Perfect the way they are.


The Total Mom Show  Network caters to moms on such a deep level. We focus on physical, emotional, spiritual & psychological well being of moms. Our mission is to come together and access all the incredible ways a mom can get supported in all areas of life.


Join experts and leaders in the health industry as we focus on holistic approaches, new age treatments, healthy lifestyle choices, ways to manage prenatal and postnatal health, mental health & stress management, nutrition, and productivity. Between vendors, guest speakers, experiential areas and hands-on workshops, moms can go home feeling educated, motivated and energized.